MBEO_270x2004_crwnCrown Molding accessories are the perfect finishing touch for bathroom cabinets. Crown molding is available for both the 12” Hutch Cabinet as well as the 18” Linen Cabinets. All Molding is shipped in one piece and should be trimmed down to size.

Scribe Molding is used for small gaps against walls or floors. Most walls are uneven, at least slightly, so don’t forget the useful Scribe Molding for your bath remodel. All Molding options are available in every finish to match your MasterBath Express Options cabinets.





Length: 60″
Height: 2″

Note: Order for use with Hutch and Linen Cabinets

Order at The Home Depot



Length: 60″
Height: ¾”

Note: Use to fill in small gaps where cabinets meet the wall

Order at The Home Depot


  • Molding is shipped in (1) long piece. Trim it down to the size you need.
  • Hutch & Linen crown molding will need to be trimmed to size and mitered to fit the top of your cabinets. The molding provides an elegant, polished look for the cabinet.
  • Scribe Molding should be used to fill small gaps against walls or floors. Many walls and floors are not straight and this is the perfect solution.